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We listen, we care

Our goal is to build a lasting relationship with our clients. We know that your pet is an important member of your family and we promise you that you will receive the best, personalised care that focuses on all special needs of your beloved friend. For us it does not matter if your pet friend is a puppy or an experienced neighbourhood wonderer. We simply know that you want him or her to be happy and healthy. You can count on us and our top care services that are addressed to YOUR furry friend.

We care for your pet as though

they were our own.

our Services

Parasite treatment, prevention and control

Parasites like fleas, ticks, hookworms and roundworms are not only a nuisance but can also be a source of other health issues.
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Moreover, you have to remember that Hookworms and Roundworms are transmissible to humans. It's important to regularly deworm your pet to keep him or her in good shape and avoid other more serious health problems. Call or visit us to find out what your pet may need.


There are a lot of infectious diseases that pose a significant threat to your pet. Vaccinations protect your friend from deadly danger and let your pet live longer and healthier life.
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It is important to know that in our clinic we vaccinte DOGS against:
Parvovirosis, Distemper, Leptospirosis, Hepatitis, Bordatella and many others upon need and request.
Please ask your vet for advice.
For CATS vaccinations are also important and we can help you to protect your cat against:
Herpesvirus, Calicivirus, Leukaemia and Pauleucopaemia.
Rabbits should be protected against VHD and RHDVZ and Myxomatosis.
And remember you can always ask your vet for advice.


Every surgery is an invading procedure and we are aware that it is a scary moment for you. Thats's why we are here to help you, explain, carefully evaluate and do the surgery in the safest possible way using state -of-the art equipment.
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As you know Lukasz has a special Interest in surgery and he makes sure to be up-to-date with the latest developments in veterinary Surgery.
Pet surgery done in our practice:
Spay / castration
Soft tissue surgery
Orthopedic surgery
BOAS corrective surgery
Eye surgery
Emergency surgery

our team

That is

Lukasz started his medical career very early. He was only 5 when he prevented very infectious disease among his teddy bears by vaccinating them with a borrowed syringe from his dad. This was only the first step to his veterinary adventure. Now he is an experienced vet with 14 years of working experience, he graduated form the Wrocław University, he was running a successful practice in Poland and then he decided to see the world and moved to the United Arab Emirates where he had the opportunity to work and develop his skills in the clinics working with amazing vets from around the world. Lukasz moved with his family to the Isle of Man in 2015 and he fell in love with the stunning views of the island. In his free time he loves walks with his family and his two lovely but silly dogs. Lukasz claims that a friendly and approachable attitude is crucial in his work. He loves his job an he believes that his patients deserve not only the exemplary care but also full dedication.


From Douglas to Castletown direction:

Go the main road, when you pass the Fairy Bridge, after around 200 meters turn right to the private road to Ballastrang Farn. Go to the top of the hill, the clinic is on the right hand side.

From Castletown to Douglas direction.

Go the main road. After the crossroad with the Old Castletown Road go around 700 meters and turn left to Ballastrang Farm. Go to the top of the hill, the clinic is on the right hand side.

There is a generous parking with easy access in front of the practice premises.